We provide you with complete kitchen solutions as per your requirement like design, layout, and setting up kitchens as per Vasthu Shastra & day to day operational perspective that will make your work process easy & enhance overall productivity of your kitchen.

We have accomplished small and large scale projects of Star Hotels, Restaurants, Tiffin Centres, Institutions, Canteens etc. at various locations across the country.

Our Services Include:

  1. Kitchen Design & Layout
  2. Propose Equipments suitable for your Kitchen
  3. Plumbing & Drainage Design
  4. Fresh Air flow and Exhaust system design
  5. Commercial LPG Pipeline / Reticulated LPG Piping
  6. Training in operations, maintenance of equipments & safety procedures
  7. Training in sanitizing procedures to avoid food-borne bacteria
  8. Annual maintenance Servcices
  9. All kinds of A/C Systems & Air-conditioning
  10. Cold Storage Solutions.